Iisalmi - In the Middle of Finland

Try canoeing or shooting rapids, or snowmobile safaris and snowshoeing in the winter! Iisalmi attracts travellers with unforgettable experiences in the natural wilderness of Finland.

We have beautiful lake and country side sceneries, peaceful surroundings and breath taking nature all around Iisalmi area. Experience spring, summer, autumn and winter - all of our Finnish seasons are attractive in their own unique way. When you want to experience interesting events, our summer calls for you - or what do you think about Wife Carrying World Championships, Iisalmi Sauna Event or FinlandĀ“s Oldest Beer Festival Oluset? Get on the ride across Iisalmi area and enjoy your stay!

You can find tourist information and maps in the Iisalmi city centre. Please visit us!



Tourist info
Riistakatu 5, 74100 IISALMi
Tel. + 358 40 355 1632
Email. tourism@iisalmi.fi

Self service info
Mon - Fri 10 - 16

Customer service (1.6.-15.8.)
Mon - Fri 10- 16:30







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